Many years of development work have opened up a new business segment for us today.


Setup and function

contacfoil® provides solutions for the interconnection and modular completion of MWT (metal wrap through) and IBC (interdigitated back contact solar cell) cell modules. Each with two functional layers, they offer an optimal adaptation to customer wishes and the great possible flexibility in the selection of materials. The materials are combined and structured in simple cost-efficient processes and are reduced to the required thickness. 


Encapsulation foil

Solar cell

contacfoil® -connect

Self-adhesive Backsheet


Since 2013, contacfoil®-connect has been intensively tested and qualified as an interconnection solution for full-size modules from different manufacturers. In 2014, contacfoil® was certified for the first time as a part functional component of a MWT module (by TÜV Nord). A manufacturing plant with a capacity of 100 MW is ready for operation.

contacfoil®-connect is a composite film consisting of a metal foil, which acts as a conductive path, and an insulation layer made of plastic. With laser processes, the track and the contact openings are structured to the cell and opened with a perfect fit.

Very thin layer thicknesses allow for cost savings. In this way, only 30% of the usual amount of conductive adhesives or solder is required for the cell contacts. The contacting of the cells and conductive path as well as the interconnection of all components takes place automatically during the lamination process. contacfoil®-connect allows for a modular construction with pure pick-and-place equipment.


In order to extensively illustrate the advantages of contacfoil®, we have chosen an innovative new approach for the modular completion. Here we pay close attention to cost-efficient materials, easy handling and optimised production against environmental influences. We call the result contacfoil®-back. If interested, we develop together with the module manufacturer.