Innovative solution for the interconnection of photovoltaics modules

Flexible interconnection and energy transport for electronic components

Our Products
  • Composite and structuring
  • Many years of experience in the manufacturing of composite materials
  • Efficient, customized laser structures
  • Exact positioning of components
  • Electrical control of each sheet
  • Production of test samples and production volumes

...with thin metal foils made of lead and tin. The melting, alloying, casting and rolling of metal foils into layer thicknesses of down to 0.005 mm is the core competence of our company. The customized production of composites with paper, cardboard and plastics has been operated for more than 50 years. The latest laser technology supplements our range of processes, especially for new applications.



that speak for themselves.

  • Efficient

    minimal power loss

  • Flexible

    reeform format due to Laser processing

  • Lightly

    Thin material- / functional layers


    Electronic Components, Organic Electronics

    Flexible track for high performance LED






    contacfoil®-connect and contacfoil®-back

    The innovative solution for the interconnection of next generation photovoltaics modules.





Dirk Maelzer

Managing Partner
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Markus Rees

Markus Rees

Senior Product Manager
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